Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Audio recorder in website

One of our clients had a requirement having an audio recorder to be integrated with his website. He wanted record and playback features. This was challenging job to me and I did lot of research in this and finaly found one third party tool which serves exactly. The tool was FLV Audio Recorder developed by AVChat Software. You can get more details in it's website http://flvar.com/.

But this needs one the below media servers. Media servers are same as conventional web servers but they only deal with storing and streaming of videos, audios and images. Media servers use a different protocal called RTMP to accept the video/audio requests same as HTTP is used to accept various kinds of requests.

  1. Red5
  2. FMIS
  3. Wowza

The 1st media server listed above, Red5 is available for free and rest are expensive. I was interested to use Red5 as it was freely available.

To integrate the audio recorder in website I did the following:

  1. I got the 30-day trial version of FLV audio recorder. We need to request for trial version by filling a small form and they will email us with the download details of trial product. This will include a license key which needs to be entered in the product.
  2. I unzipped the archive and placed in some folder. And I created a virtual directory in IIS pointing to this folder. So I have verified all the files in audio recorder are accessed by webserver.
  3. I installed the Red5 media server as explained in the post http://cherupally.blogspot.com/2010/06/installing-red5-on-windows.html.
  4. I followed the installation instructions provided in http://flvar.com/documentation.
  5. I entered my license key in audiorecorder.properties file as instructed.
  6. I changed the avc_settings.php file to point to my red5 server.
  7. That's it. I am done with the integrating stuff. When I opened the audiorecorder-api.html file in browser I have noticed the audio recorder rendered in flash and functioning well.
  8. After completing all steps you may not get the audio recorder working until you reboot the machine. I had to reboot my machine to see the recorder working.

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Kiran said...

Hi, i does all the above mentioned steps with 30 days trial pack on localhost.
when i run the audiorecorder-api.html through my xampp server, i get the error that "could not connect to audio server". please need help how to resolve this.

Kiran said...

Firewall may be blocking the port 1935 to connect to Red5. Please change your firewall settings to allow the incoming connections on port 1935 and check. Restart your Red5 and IIS in case it doesn't work.